Get Access and field Value from QuickView Form

Get Field Value and control from Quick View Form in MSCRM using JavaScripts.

To access the control or attribute in MSCRM form. The script you will use to control or attribute name.. Quick View Form has different way of accessing its field.
If I have Quick form for custom entity “Configuration”, and I added this quick form in “new_application” entity form.
To access new_application quick form in car entity form I need to use Quick form name, entity name and attribute name to get value.

To access in JavaScript Quick view, control name should be like

My Quick Form name is : ConfigQuickView
Entity Name : new_application
Attribute: new_applicationname

if (Xrm.Page.getControl('ConfigQuickView_ConfigQuickView_new_application_new_applicationname') !=null)


            var configApplication = Xrm.Page.getControl('ConfigQuickView_ConfigQuickView_new_application_new_applicationname');

            var appName = configApplication.getAttribute().getValue();