Set Up a Dynamics 365 Portal

If you want to set up the Portal, you need to have prerequisite access:
1.Dynamics CRM System Administrator
2.Azure Active Directory Access.
3.Access to i.e. PowerApps Portal

Once you are ready with all the accesses you can log into the portal and select you environment from the right top.

The home screen will look similar to the below Screen.

PowerApps Home Screen

After that you can proceed/click to Create tab on left side of Screen and Select the Portal as per your need or requirement.

A new window will open where you can provide your portal url and name and can also select the type of portal you want.

If you select a blank portal then the configuration entities will no have any value.

You can only have one portal instance at one time in your environment.

After that Microsoft will start provisioning the portal for you and once done you can check the portal name in the Apps Section

You can then click on the seetings and do some modification as per your need.

Reinstall the Dynamics PowerApps portal once the trial expires.

If you have already installed a portal earlier and if it got expired because of a month trial then you can delete the old Dynamics portal by selecting that portal form the PowerApps portal and then click on delete. After that, you can install a blank portal, and then you just need to click on the Update Portal Binding from the settings and select your previous website record.

Once everything’s done then you can check the Dynamics CRM Website record in Portal Module which will automatically get Created for you.

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