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  • Need

Before Dynamics Portal /ADX Portals, when any CRM Data was required to share to the external users who were not the part of that enterprise generally a custom Website or portal was developed to showcase the data. This custom portal has to be equipped with all the security measures and grant access. All these development from scratch use to take a lot of time and resources, So to skip or provide ease to this, ADX company first developed a generic portal called ADX Portal. WE have 7 different versions of this ADX Portal and after that Microsft bought this Portal and upgraded and rebranded as Dynamics Portal.

  • Database

All the data for the Dynamics Portal is stored in the Dynamics 365 CRM/Common data service Plateform in another way you can also say that just like we have d365 CRM is UI for internal enterprise user in the same way Dynamics Portal is UI for an external user and almost all the configuration(Custom) of the Dynamics portal is done through the Dynamics CRM.

  • End-Users

The Portal end-users can be the customers of the enterprise, where a business using a Dynamics CRM for its employees, deploy a Dynamics portal for its customers to share info.

The Portal end-users can be the different partners/vendors of the business this enables the business to share and provide updates to its partners.

Portal end-users can also be those who want to register as new user for any session, forums or events.

All these users will have to be registered as a contact in Dynamics CRM.

There is also an approval required for the contacts to have access to the portal after getting added as a contact in CRM

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